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Las Vegas Furniture Market: Fantastic Finds from Diane Bobek Design

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

If you’re unfamiliar with Las Vegas Market, you should know that it is truly the place to be as a designer, buyer, and exhibitor – it offers an extensive and impressive experience. The seasonal showcase houses a massive collection of cross-category furniture, home decor, and inspiration. Here are some of my favorite finds from this show!

Color me inspired

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) made for a welcome addition to the Market, where they emphasized the importance of color in interior design. Color goes beyond the blues you pick for your backsplash and ivories for your paint, which NKBA displayed by altering the overall mood in each of their showroom spaces with a broad palette. With a bright array of appliances, we witnessed just how transformative this design element can be.

Color has the power to diminish or enhance features in your space by simply existing on its own. Lighter colors can open up rooms and warmer colors can offer a sense of calm, but it goes beyond just the color! With the right lighting, you can adjust the ambiance and set the tone for any space. Smart home products like the Phillips Hue Smart Lights allow you to work and to change the look and feel of your room through a customizable suite of Bluetooth-controlled lighting features.

Brass and Gold

Fixtures and plumbing are often overlooked when choosing the soon-to-be favorite elements in your home, but with these brass and gold options, you can subtly bring elegance to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. In the Emtek showroom, we saw a mixture of metals – beautiful matte blacks combined with satin or brass. As a designer, I am always mindful of the fixtures and hardware selected during the design process because I truly understand the impact this seemingly minute decision can have on the overall space. The room looks like it's decorated with jewelry! It can enhance the elegance or drama of a room.

Beautiful Bar Carts and Bar Ware

Bar carts and stunning barware made a statement at the Market and I have fallen in love with how functional they can be in any room. Bar carts are such an inviting piece of furniture – they are often used for hosts to display their liquor collection and offer guests a beverage but we found the perfect piece to add to a cozy bathroom for displaying beautiful toiletries and folded bath towels. Although these carts are not essential to a space, they’re still a fun additive, especially when they’re as charming as those we found in the Market.

Boucle Fabrics and Animal Prints

Incorporating textured textiles into your space adds a level of dimension and intrigue, which is exactly why boucle fabrics and animal prints were on my list of fabulous finds. I admire the cozy look that they give couches and chairs. As far as animal prints go, they travel in and out of the style constantly but I love to see them! To prevent clients from falling out of love with trendy pieces, I would recommend accent furniture with an animal print so it’s not overbearing.

Natural Stone Pedestals and Sinks

There is something so picturesque about the use of natural stone in a home, which is why I was ecstatic to see it showcased at this year’s Market. Some natural stone pieces can feel like a paradox – they seem structurally sound but look so delicate that you feel like you’re they’re fine art. I’m excited to incorporate stone elements into a few upcoming projects I have this year.

The Versatile Cambria

My love for Cambria has only grown since visiting Las Vegas, tempting me to add it to every client’s home who lets me! This quartz is easy to care for, never has to be sealed, and can be used with many applications. This stone can be book-matched beautifully; it can be backlit, textured, beveled, and even accented with gold. This year, we’ll be seeing a lot of homes incorporate Cambria whether as a focal point or accent.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any part of your home and lately, we’ve been seeing more unusual shapes and unique framing – perfect for our upcoming projects. Mirrors give the illusion of additional space in entryways, hallways, and even bedrooms, strategically enhancing light and dimension. In this showroom, we noticed decorative spheres that bordered the mirrors – quite the sight!

The Ultimate in Kitchen

The kitchen is often used as a hosting space for many of my clients and is a top priority during designs or remodels. Taking the prize of Best in Show, the Baveno telescopic faucet was one of my favorite discoveries. The Bocchi Baveno is the perfect piece for guests who like cooking for large events or hiring guest chefs while they host. The faucet head retracts smoothly and the sink can be covered by a wooden chopping block to create more counter space! I can’t wait to present this find to all my clients looking to upgrade their kitchens.

Coming back to the Big Island after a successful Market experience has me feeling revived and filled with motivation for my upcoming projects. If my fantastic finds from the Las Vegas Market have you feeling the same way, consider booking a consultation with me to get started on designing your dream home!

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