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A Look Into My Design Process

The key to my virtuosity is having a design process that flows seamlessly for each unique client.  I’ve held fast to this process for my more-than 20 years as an interior designer — it’s one that guides clients and adapts to their individual style preferences. 

Over the decades, I’ve curated many homes with multiple different styles but something I make sure to have at the forefront of each project is creating a space with soul. In a place as beautiful as Hawaii, I thrive when I’m given the opportunity to make a home feel like the paradise that it’s already located in. Another top priority of mine during the design process is crafting a space that fits the functionality and style needs of my clients.


The First Step

My design process begins with an initial interview that I conduct to get more information about the upcoming project. This conversation gives my clients an opportunity to share their vision — whether they already have it fully fleshed out or not. As we talk, I make sure not to leave the interview without grasping their top desires for the space. This step is crucial because as I understand what my clients are envisioning, I’m able to run with their ideas and create a true, distinctive masterpiece. 


As an artist and designer, it’s my job to connect all of their ideas and add in the missing pieces — all while threading it together with soul. 


A person's vision for their home reveals a lot about who they are at their core. That’s why creating a space that exudes their style, uniqueness, and heartbeat is a true work of art. The difference between your home before and after a designer touches the space is the genuine sense of soul that is suddenly discovered and expressed. Homes should be a place where people feel safe, understood, and known; this is why my goal in the initial part of the design process is to dialogue with my clients.

Securing the Details

After I grasp the vision my client has hidden in their heart, I put all the details in writing. Together, we come to an agreement on all fronts before we start the physical process of designing. I propose an estimated budget and present a letter of agreement to ensure we are all on the same page. When working out a budget, I like to remind my clients that this project, along with the products used, are considered investments and the longevity of it is what we need to focus on. The step of design approval gives my clients confidence that I will see to it that their vision is fully conceived.

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IMG_3410 - Copy.jpg

Moments of Intentionality

As a style is built, I present my clients with options. Instead of picking out the most trendy items I prefer to choose intentional pieces that speak to me and the client, reminding us both of their concept. I solely use items that have a purpose and support the overall aesthetic and heartbeat of the project. Each furnishing piece is chosen to bring balance and create a sense of intimacy and connection within the home.


I’ve found that providing options helps the client bring their vision to reality, making it feel that much more attainable. 

I regularly use local Hawaiin artisans who specialize in wood sourcing because they make breathtaking custom pieces with Bespoke Furniture. While there is an abundance of talented artists in the Hawaiian Islands, we also offer off-island furniture shopping to our clients. From modern to antique, all styles are on the table. In the end, it’s these standout pieces that come together harmoniously to create a welcoming yet unique atmosphere.

Finishing Touches

When someone trusts me to design their place of sanctuary, it’s my highest privilege. So much so that it prompts me to provide a big unveiling upon completion. I love to include fresh flowers in my design reveal to not only thank the client but add yet one more intentional piece to their home before my farewell. It is an honor to be trusted to bring someone else’s vision to life. My ultimate goal is achieved when clients do their first walk-through because the work speaks for itself — a home with soul has been birthed.

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