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Transform Your Living Room With Diane Bobek

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Designer Terence Conran once said, “the living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – the temple of the soul.” From one designer to another, I could not agree more. Especially in a place where gathering together is so culturally significant, it’s my duty as a Hawaiian-based designer to echo that togetherness however my clients would like. If you’re looking to transform your living room, let me walk you through some of my favorite designs for the ultimate inspiration!

The combination of the velvet green and American leather chairs beautifully balances the communal space in this living room. These swivel chairs surround the circular layered coffee table where guests can enjoy the close proximity to the marble fireplace while someone plays on the grand piano. This client’s son actually plays the piano so we wanted to showcase this personalization that felt so classic yet sentimental. One of my favorite elements of this living room is the unobstructed views of the sleeping lady mountain and sunset from the master bedroom – truly a dream.

If functionality is the priority in your living room, consider a sleeper sofa like the one in this Waikoloa Beach property. Constructed with performance fabric, this sofa is built to withstand people sitting and sleeping on it. It’s a great piece to have in your home if you want the ability to host guests but save space. The double mirrors behind the couch replace the usual artwork I like to display but the lava-look to them pairs well with the hairpin tables that conveniently come apart, allowing for easy mobility when you assemble the sofa.

Outdoor perennial fabrics were strategically used in this indoor/outdoor living room space. The rays in Hawaii are strong and can pierce through fabrics causing them to look aged but these durable materials slow down that process significantly. By opening up the doors, the chairs from the inside could easily be swiveled around to join conversations outdoors.

I transformed this living room from dark and overstuffed to open and breathable. One piece I did keep from the original living space is the coffee table. Wooden furniture embodies the Hawaiian culture and it was such a beautiful piece that neither I nor the client wanted to give up. Another way we incorporated more Hawaiian elements throughout the house was by using orange and turquoise on the custom throw pillows. Orange is seen all throughout the island's flowers and the roaring of the turquoise ocean is a sight and sound you’ll never forget.

Designing a living room for your vacation home may look different than designing one for your permanent residence. In this case, we prioritized comfort and pops of color throughout the living room. We feature a beautiful root table positioned against the wall and a variety of local artists’ work to really capture some favorite things about Hawaii. The coral shades on the swivel chair and throw pillows are the perfect accents on yet another perennial fabric sofa. The L-shape sofa faces the large windows for easy access to the beautiful view.

A multi-seating area for gathering was a top priority when working on this living room in Hualai. I love this space because it’s another indoor/outdoor fusion that allows for more open conversation. There’s a sofa area where you cozy up and enjoy a movie and another sitting space behind it for those who prefer to gather away from the television. Throughout this room, we implemented a woven wall to give it a warmer feel. We also built a custom media cabinet out of walnut for the perfect entertainment piece. Overall, this inviting space is great for hosting – the open concept plan with multiple seating areas is the ultimate inspiration for those who love to entertain.

If you’re still unsure about how you want to design or remodel your living room space, contact me to set up a consultation! Together we can transform your living room into the sanctuary it’s meant to be.

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