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The Importance of Performance Fabrics in Hawaii Home Design

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

As a seasoned interior designer, I have a slew of must-haves for every Hawaiian home I design or renovate – performance fabrics are at the top of the list. I think high-end performance fabrics and solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are an absolute necessity because of the heightened exposure to the sun and nature’s other elements. Whether you opt for a traditional Hawaiian home or are drawn to a modern style, like the Holualoa home, it’s imperative to implement these durable fabrics and dyes.

Prevents Sun Fading

There is no doubt that the beautiful islands of Hawaii are full of sunshine and luscious greenery, but along with it comes potent UV rays that can penetrate windows and even curtains. Many clients prefer sunlight to flood through their space, and while beautiful, it presents a higher risk of fabric fading. Performance fabrics are specifically designed to prevent your pieces from losing liveliness over time. I especially love using performance fabrics in homes with colorful palettes because I can proceed with confidence knowing that the hues will maintain their vibrance.

Holds up to Pets and Kids

Durability is ultimately one of the most important qualities of fabric and furniture when it comes to families with pets and kids. The functionality and strength of performance fabrics allow clients to easily clean them without damaging the piece’s integrity while more fragile fabrics may show wear and tear. With every piece employed in a client’s home, I like to think of its lifespan and quality to ensure it remains in good shape beyond just the first few years of ownership.

Long Lasting in Vacation Rentals

If the primary purpose of your Hawaiian home is for vacation rentals, long-lasting items placed throughout your space will prevent you from frequent restorations and replacements. Implementing performance fabrics in vacation rentals allow you to put trust in the fabric's ability to defend against ruin. Reliability and durability are key features you want to look for when designing your vacation rentals and these textiles, used both inside and outside, will ensure you achieve that.

My Favorite Performance Fabrics

Some of my favorite lines of fabrics include Maria Flora for outdoor furniture – they’re super thick and long-lasting. Thibaut Design has beautiful options with intricate patterns (they don’t even look like performance fabrics)! Now, performance fabrics have much more variety and offer better comfort. David Sutherland Perennials has amazing pillows, rugs, and trims that are resistant to mold and mildew, making them a perfect selection for the Hawaiian climate. Fabrics by Opuzen and Sunbrella Fabrics are also some of my go-to resources for high performance fabric.

Taking the environment into consideration when designing a home is essential in preparing for manageable maintenance and overall quality. Using performance fabrics for Hawaiian home designs ensures that any pieces won’t fade or wither, promising years of enjoyment. Allow me to design and create the home of your dreams with amazing performance fabrics by booking a consultation today!

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