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Custom Table Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

There are times when I can’t seem to find the perfect piece for a project so I opt for creating something custom instead! I love designing dining tables from scratch, especially those derived from local Hawaiian woods. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see the beautiful landscapes of our islands, you understand just how distinctive the trees are, and implementing them throughout a space is a fabulous way to incorporate Hawaiian elements into your home. The people of Hawaii have been using trees as survival tools for hundreds of years so displaying them pays homage to their importance and cultural significance.

It’s no secret – sourcing a custom table for your space demands a significant amount of effort, but the end result is worth it. Every space will have restrictions on a table’s dimensions otherwise, the piece can become gawky and defeats its purpose. To avoid a burdensome and bulky table, I first take measurements of the room and walls to ensure a properly-scaled and proportional fit that won’t feel overcrowded or underwhelming. A piece that takes up space intentionally and is thoughtfully considered will draw the perfect amount of attention while also serving its purpose.

Some of my preferred local woods include MonkeyPod, EarPod, Ironwood, and Ohia. Kiawe, Mahogany, and Mango woods are also great to work with and result in absolutely stunning surfaces. Check out some of my favorite custom wood tables to inspire your next project!

Anchorage Table

Built with a custom bronze base, this table is made from Spalted Maple, resin, and a live middle edge for a modern industrial style. The wood's rawness and the resin's addition come together with the dining chairs for the perfect urban-style home. See more on this project here and discover how I used other natural elements throughout the space.

Hualalai Table

Sourced from Kamuela hardwoods, this dining table is considerable in size and is the perfect piece for large families or those who love to host dinners. When I say it’s THE table for entertaining, I mean it – look at how big it is compared to the human body!

Fabricated by Modern Habitat Hawaii, this table was constructed from smooth, live edge mahogany and the cracks were filled with dark resin, providing the perfect finish to match the legs of the chairs. Browse the rest of this open-concept home here!

Kailua-Kona Table

I have a special bond to this beautiful table because of its attachment to the island. The tabletop itself is made from a single piece of a mango tree and the base uses fragments of the mango tree to create an all-wood centerpiece in this kitchen. Mangos, though not native to Hawaii, are grown all over the islands and are loved by many, so using their wood for custom pieces feels meaningful. Take a look at more from this remodel project here.

Hualalai Vacation

One of my favorite parts of designing a custom table is envisioning how my clients will eventually use it to bring together friends and family. This banquet table was so fun to design with Roy Lambrecht Woodworking since we were able to use both benches and chairs to surround it. The top is granite while the base is a beautiful dark walnut. Peruse the rest of this vacation rental here!

Customizing your dining table can truly make your house feel like a home. Although it is just a piece of furniture, it is where you will gather, tell stories, laugh, and enjoy company, so creating one that is unique can make a space feel all the more special. Find local wood artisans, fabricators, and interior designers to bring your dining table dreams to life. And for those who are on the islands of Hawaii, Diane Bobek Designs can guide you in the right direction!

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