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Choosing YOUR Perfect Sofa

Living rooms are considered the heart of the home and what better way to feel their warmth than with the ideal sofa that meets all your needs? Though everyone has their personal preferences, there is a simple guide to finding a sofa that best fits your living room. From luxury to leisure, this piece of furniture can tie together a common area while acting as a beautiful focal point. To find your ideal sofa, consider these five crucial elements.


Comfort is a top priority when searching for the perfect home sofa and oftentimes the most important feature. Your living room, and more importantly your sofa, offer a space for casual relaxation – selecting a couch that doesn’t offer leisure eliminates the homey feeling that many clients are seeking from this particular piece of furniture. Your sofa doesn’t necessarily need to be sleep-worthy but at least something you can cozy up on.


Height, depth, and the inner cores of the sofa seats and arms are all measured to ensure the orientation fits seamlessly in a space. A sofa that is too large will make your living room and common area feel cramped and smaller than it actually is while a sofa that is too small can create excess open space that then needs to be filled in other ways. To prevent these issues, it’s important to measure the room in question before starting your sofa search. A ballpark estimate of the size of furniture you need greatly helps narrow down your choices while shopping, saving time and frustration for everyone involved.

Style and Orientation

Like any piece of furniture, sofas come in a variety of looks and layouts. Traditional sofas that sit three people, sectionals, love seats, chaises, and sleeper sofas are all on the list of options. From mid-century modern to art deco, sofas carry a personality that extends to your greater living space, which is why picking one based on your home’s overall style and personality is key if the goal is blending in with your general aesthetic.


The fabric of a sofa can determine its overall lifespan, which is why I suggest durable and high-quality options for all of my clients. Fabric and functionality (see number five) have a harmonious relationship, allowing for an investment piece you can enjoy for years. Sofas that see hours of sunlight a day can quickly change color so I don’t recommend beautiful leather pieces in a living room with steady sunlight. Children are notorious for messes and spills so a fabric that is durable and easy to clean is great for families and vacation rentals.


Reflect heavily on how you want your home to be used. Is this your primary home where you’ll entertain guests, a vacation rental or family beach house, or an adults-only getaway locale? Depending on your answer, your ideal sofa type may change. If you put the same sofa in an adults-only home and a family vacation rental, each could look drastically different over just the course of a year. Determining how your sofa will be used can help define a reasonable budget and its likely lifespan.

A Few of my Favorite Lines

Designing for over 20 years has allowed me to curate a list of my favorite lines for everything from sofas to paints. I’ve used Kravet, Burton James, Harbour, Berman Rosetti, Hollyhunt, and A Rudin on a number of occasions and am thoroughly impressed with them all. American Leather constructs the best sleeper sofa beds, offering both leather and upholstery pieces.

Considering these key elements while choosing a sofa for your home will help guide you in finding a piece of furniture you’ll love and that will last for years to come. If you need assistance in remodeling or designing your space, book a consultation with Diane Bobek Design!

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