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Artisanal Craftsmanship: Incorporating Local Art and Crafts into Your Home Decor

In a world where we can effortlessly fill our homes with mass-produced decor at the click of a button, using work from talented local artists may slip our minds. While there is an ease about ordering from Amazon, one thought lingers—how can I make my living space uniquely mine? 

I'll tell you how—by incorporating local art and crafts into your home decor. This approach is not only great for adding a distinctive touch to your space and creating a “sense of place” but also for supporting the thriving creativity within your community. Here are my best tips to get you started:

Tips for Incorporating Local Arts and Crafts in Home Decor

Research Local Artists

All good projects start with research. You can explore the talent within your community by attending local art fairs and markets, visiting galleries, or by searching social media! A benefit to this process—beyond finding a one-of-a-kind piece and supporting someone local—is that you’ll connect with the creator and strengthen the personal bond you have with your chosen art. 

This carved paddle and the custom table were locally sourced by my client.
Each piece of framed artwork was done by a former commercial graphic artist, Stanley Stubenberg, back in 1955-1967. He was born on Oahu and designed and created illustrations for scores of restaurants, bars, and room service menus. I love these and I just framed them in frames I purchased from Target! 

Commission Custom Pieces

Take your involvement with local artists to the next level by commissioning custom pieces. Work collaboratively with an artist to bring your vision to life, ensuring that the final creation not only fits seamlessly into your decor but also holds a personal significance. This approach is sure to add an extra layer of exclusivity to your home.

This commissioned and original art piece by local artist John Roth holds a special symbolism. It depicts the journey of navigation, the different phases of the moon, the significance of the Waa (Hawaiian Canoe), and the guidance of the Hawaiian Iwa Bird. This art piece represents always finding your way home, and ensuring safe passage. 

The inclusion of the triangles in Hawaiian culture has deep Polynesian roots. These shapes, In traditional tattoos, have spiritual significance and identify their wearer within his or her community. They also represent the tip of the spear and other significant meanings within Hawaiian culture. 

The small coconut palm symbolizes both land and life. The circles represent various aspects of creation. A closed circle, in particular, signifies a life without a beginning or an end, manifesting within the planet and the entire universe. I find immense joy and inspiration in John’s art piece. 

Mix and Match

You can embrace different styles and mediums by blending them to create dynamic and visually appealing decor. Blending can be achieved by pairing traditional paintings with contemporary sculptures or mixing handmade crafts with modern furniture. The key is to let your creativity guide you. This way, you’ll curate a home that reflects your unique taste and the diverse talent of your local artists.

This vintage wood bowl features carved fish from Bali and vintage glass fishing floats.

Create Focal Points

You can transform key spaces of your home by establishing focal points that showcase distinctive local treasures. Whether it's hanging a striking painting in the living room or featuring a handcrafted sculpture in the entryway, you’ll be guaranteed to have conversation starters that spotlight the artistic vision of your community. 

A Basalt sliced rock sculpture by Kamran Samimi, a talented artist from Laupahoehoe, Hawaii living on Oahu.

Curate a Theme

Create a cohesive and meaningful story within your space by curating a theme around your chosen local art. Whether it's centered around a specific color palette, cultural influence, or a shared concept, a thematic approach will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your decor and bring a thoughtful narrative to your home.

DIY Crafts

There’s creativity within all of us. Unleash your inner artist by incorporating local crafts into a home project. Use materials sourced from nearby artisans to create your own personalized decor items that tell a story about your life or interests. This is a fantastic way to infuse your personality into your living spaces, practice your craftsmanship, and support local artisans and businesses. 

Local Artist Spotlight

Frank McLure

Frank McLure is an amazing, self-taught woodworker based in our community, whose artistic pieces are created with the wood from Hawaii. His work captures the beauty of Hawaiian culture and the natural world. 

In my design projects, I have had the pleasure of incorporating several of Frank’s custom surfboards. The most recent addition is a custom board made out of ULU (breadfruit) wood. It is extremely rare to find a trunk of this size to make a board out of, making it a cherished piece in any home. 

Frank’s work extends beyond custom surfboards; his bowls and other artistic objects have been featured in many local wood shows on the island.  

Read more about him on his website and view his art here.

Martin Sanchez

Martin, of Smart Shark Design, does modern and bold pieces. His colors and graphics are simply amazing. He recently moved to Utah but my clients have always loved his art. 

Kamran Samini

Kamran makes exceptional sculptures out of basalt.

Tiffany’s Art Agency

Tiffany represents all local artists—I enjoy sourcing through her.

Check her out here:

Island Eclectic Hawaii - Scott Yoell and Margo Ray

I’ve sourced art through Scott Yoell and Margo Ray plenty of times. Scott has great connections with local artists on all the islands. He also is a great installer and very knowledgeable on art restoration. His wife, Margo Ray, is an exceptional artist. We just purchased an original piece of hers for a client. 

If you're looking to infuse your decor with local arts and crafts, I can help you do so in a way that genuinely reflects your unique style. Get in touch with me today.

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